You can submit pictures here to be published on our social networks. Not all of them are accepted, only those which fit our style. If you want to send more than one picture to be featured in the website, send an email to

  • The photographs must have a minimum of quality. Even having a very cheap medium we expect them to be clear and sharp. If they are not because of artistic reasons is completely accepted. If it is analog, please try to send good scans (some people sent thumbnails).
  • We don’t like conventional portraits, photo sessions that you can see in every website dedicated to photography or nudes. Academicism means mediocrity, you can do way more than that.
  • Photographs does not have to be in black and white or be analog. You do not have to live in Barcelona either to be accepted.
  • If you send pictures to be featured in the website we expect a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15. Every picture must be smaller than 2mb, and you must submit them in a compressed folder. Also you must add an explanation of your work.
  • We want very specific subjects to be featured. We do not care about a work that is “about what life means” for you. That is a very general concept that does not have any value for us or the people who is going to see it. Please, try to focus on an specific idea, it can be wide only if you explain it correctly.
  • We do not accept photographs with watermark.