Jack Lemmon, life through the eyes of the English youth

Jack Lemmon is a young student from the United Kingdom. He’s 20, and shows us his style of photography without a central idea, “consisting of people, places and things“, he says. You can find in this gallery portraits of the English society, landscapes and every scene that could fit in his little world.

He takes very varied snapshots from his travels. In this little feature, he sends us images of some journeys (Barcelona, for example) and the United Kingdom. “DREAMLAND” says a sign in a concrete building with the appearance of not being part of the dreams of its inhabitants, in Margate (England).

The English youth is taking control over their photographic creativity thanks to the point and shoot analog cameras. Lemmon is part of this movement that shows their life’s from the inside. He says he feels he’s indirectly part of this subculture tied to the DIY scene, related to the return of the analog in different artistic ways.

“Not only has it provided me with a further insight into exploring the functioning of cameras, film and the development process, but also pushed me in my photography to improve with each and every shot, it’s a very productive field.”

You can follow Jack Lemmon in Instagram and Tumblr.


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