Contrafotografía #1 by D. Garcerán, already available

This new project called Contrafotografía starts here. The platform has been created to group entities that have been completely individually until now, and that could be fused into a single body with enough effort.

The first work published is the issue one of the fanzine called Contrafotografía. It will be a series that will change of author on every issue, and that could be repeated over time. This first contact with the world of self-publishing and the black and white analog photography has been prepared in a 36 page A5 stapled booklet, on 170gsm recycled paper.

The pictures have been taken by D. Garcerán, between 2014 and 2016. They come from band tours, punk shows in Barcelona, and other places. Punk is the central element where the dynamism of the live shows is mixed with the everyday life, the so called ‘normal life’.

The black and white film rolls Ilford HP5 and Kodak Tri-X 400 have been added to the equation too, forced to get the most powerful shots from them.

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