Carlos Baselga presents the serie “Rush Hour”

Rush Hour

“The expression Rush Hour is a reference to the busiest moment of the day. These are black and white pictures where I wanted to transmit the feeling of movement and stress generated once the workday is over everybody goes back home to enjoy their free time”.

Carlos Baselga presents a neurotic serie, very representative of a moment that probably everybody who lives in a city has felt and can remember from these images. The pictures were taken in London (and some of them in Manchester), a cultural and economic European axis where millions of people are concentrated in very reduced spaces. Baselga has used the slow velocity of his camera along with the black and white analog photography giving this serie a very stressful feel.

The main characters of these images are people and spaces molten in movement. Both completely indistinguishable, your vision can not focus on one or the other, but in the concept or the idea.

You can follow his work on his Instagram.

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