Lukas Muñoz shows the Chilean punk in Talca

Punk y “DIY”

Lukas Muñoz is a youngster from Talca (Chile), a place he describes as a “shitty city full of fascists and stupid traditions”. He has been into the punk scene since he was 16 years old. That context made him start to generate his own cultural contents, like music, photography and zines.

He has played in bands, has published zines, recorded shows and takes pictures of that scene and the place where he lives. His passion for punk does not denies some of the problems there are inside of that way of life, and that you can not see with photography: “Through punk I learnt that there are not safe spaces. Everybody can shout lyrics that are against feminism but then they are abusers or hide some forms of violence”, he says. He wants punk to be a libertarian space, a place where there are possibilities to fight against the problems of his city, or at least, a way to fight.

His photography is all analog some pictures in color and some in black and white. You can follow his work in Instagram.

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